Back With A Bang!

I'm back with a BANG


  I’m back with a bang!!

  And, do I have some stories to share with you …. I’m kinda busting at the seams to tell you actually.  But I’ll start  with one thing … how I’m doing in my business now and how that could help you make serious money, in a  way you’ll love.

  You see, you might have read my last post about, when working less is best?  If you haven’t you should go read  that first.  If  you have, you know I cut my work right back last year and focused pretty much on working only with  higher end clients.  This meant no blogging, pretty much no newsletters, very few social media posts and no  collaboration, such as webinars and stuff.  I’ve been pretty much missing-in-action for over 6 months.

When working less is best

I have a confession. Kind of. I haven’t really been working much.

And that’s just how I like it.

When everyone else seems to be glorifying busy-ness and hustling to get more done (yep, even I’ve done a post or two on hustling) … I made a fast decision to cut back most of my work for a while. As in 80%. I homeschool. I’m a full-time Mum. I run a small online business. I’m very active in supporting families in my local community. And I HAVE TONS of FREE-TIME … and deliberately so.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Podcast #006 – Feeling Good About Your Online Presence with Maria Cucinotta

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Podcast Conversation: Listen here


In todays conversation with Maria Cucinotta, the gorgeous and glamorous Image CEO, we get into the crunchy bits, of a topic that alot of female entrepreneurs really struggle with.  Your online appearance and how you can feel more relaxed (and even happy about it) – as you put your biz in the limelight and stand out more.


The 3 hot topics we cover today 

1. Getting clear on what message you want to come across and how to clearly stand for it.

2. How can you feel more comfortable, as you begin to put yourself out there and begin to stand out more online