How To Enrol High-end Clients and why YOU should

August 8, 2014
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 How To Enrol High-end Clients.

You want an awesome business and you  want to work with clients that you love, while you actually create an income that will thrill you.

What?  Yeah, I know … you’re actually thinking, “I want any client.  I just want clients and I don’t want to feel like a schmuck, in the process of trying to get them and I want to make a lot more money”!

I remember trying so hard to sell just one $7 ebook.

I never stopped to think, “how do I enrol high-end clients”? Any client  – was my thought.

And then, as you might know, I cut my hours way back (to about 5 hours a week) and out of necessity, started charging way more, and offered way more value.

The big, white, one antlered deer …

April 22, 2014
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The big white, one antlered deer


(Firstly, I know the picture is of me and my dog.  She’s white and she’s an animal … so she’ll do!) 

You need miracles in your life.  That includes your business.  Let me explain.  Something amazing happened to me the other day and it left me shook up and really grateful

 I was driving along a  thin windy country road to pick my teenage daughter up after a 4 day trek, when a  whitish, (or maybe really light caramel coloured) deer with one antler, pounced onto the road, right infront of my car!  I slammed on the brakes and tried my best manourvering to miss the deer, but unfortunately I still whacked it.  The amazing thing was, that I only just hit it a little bit … and thankfully,  I was completely ok and the deer was fine.  I was shaken up and after pulling over somewhere safe, got      to check just how badly damaged my car was.  It had a scuff mark!   

Back With A Bang!

April 4, 2014
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I'm back with a BANG


  I’m back with a bang!!

  And, do I have some stories to share with you …. I’m kinda busting at the seams to tell you actually.  But I’ll start  with one thing … how I’m doing in my business now and how that could help you make serious money, in a  way you’ll love.

  You see, you might have read my last post about, when working less is best?  If you haven’t you should go read  that first.  If  you have, you know I cut my work right back last year and focused pretty much on working only with  higher end clients.  This meant no blogging, pretty much no newsletters, very few social media posts and no  collaboration, such as webinars and stuff.  I’ve been pretty much missing-in-action for over 6 months.