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Who Am I?

I'm Kushla Chadwick and I'm a Success and Happiness Coach to other Female Coaches, Trainers and Mentors (or women who want to be).

I love helping the women who are out there changing lives.

I have a Background in Energy Psychology, am a Homeschooling Mum of 3 ... and after years of dealing with NO Income, then LOW, then High but INCONSISTENT Income ... I've finally mastered how to create consistently High Income and I love helping my clients to FAST-TRACK the journey! 

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You probably know that there are HUNDREDS of Marketing Options, yet you feel stuck when it comes to finding what works for you. You probably get a bit overwhelmed trying to figure it all out AND do the Internal work.

While a lot of Coaches come from a Corporate, high-pressure, hustle, hustle Background ... I definitely DON'T. I don't thrive on stress. I love to RELAX and be with my family.

If you love your work and your family and time and money freedom are high on your Agenda ... and you want help pulling all the pieces together, I'd love you to join me for this FREE Training Call.