Hello You!

Before I give you the down-low on my personal stuff, let me share with you what I LOVE doing ... I love helping other Holistic and Creative Female Coaches and Mentors who know they provide epic transformations; to truly created a LOVED-UP, love-infused business.

Some people say the word 'love' is over-used.  I say it's NOT used enough. Love, love, love.  It's at the centre of every good thing.  Speaking of  LOVE ... I've been married 17 years (yes, to the same man, lol) and together we have 3 daughters.  My life mostly revolves around our  little family of 5 (+1 adorable Japanese Spitz).

I'm a bit of a hippy. I can't live without Essential Oils and Bee Pollen and I have a crazy love affair with Energy Psychology.

I'm a homeschooling Mum, and for as long as I've ran my own business - my family comes first ... which is why, I work an average of a 15-hour week.

My name means Goddess of Happiness, which makes me feel - happy.

I was born in New Zealand and live in Australia.

One of my favourite 'jobs', was being a clown on skates (really).

I LOVE my clients. We hug. We might even cry ... and we definitely laugh. If you are doing your best, but you're still frustrated and you desperately want different results, and you think you could handle my lov'in ... THEN I'D LOVE TO HELP.